Embody your best self, transform your life.

Looking to make some changes? To get unstuck from old patterns, explore new potentials, set and achieve goals?

To build more satisfying relationships, communicate more effectively, be bolder or more grounded, strengthen your marriage or your parenting skills?

My coaching work combines conversation with physical movement and embodiment practices. Playing with movement and embodiment is a powerful approach to unlocking the gifts within us. How we carry ourselves, how we move and breathe and stand, helps to shape who we are in the world, and how we show up in all our relationships, roles, and interactions in life.

Depending on your personal needs, our movement work might be as subtle as experimenting with small shifts in breathing and posture, or it might involve tapping into your power with big full-body movements and sounds. Wherever the work takes us, I’m here to support and guide your process at whatever pace is right for you.

I work with adults, teens, couples, and families.

Get in touch and we’ll get started.